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FuzzBucket is an original 4-piece, high-energy rock band hailing from the North Side of Chicago. Their sound screams driving guitars, thundering bass, and pounding drums. The band is comprised of Chuck Nesler (Guitar/Vocals), Joe Rosenfeld (Guitar), Ben Palmisano (Bass), and Teddy Thornhill (Drums). They all bring different musical styles bonded by a throwback sound guaranteed to make you bang your head and move your feet. 
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Chuck Nesler (Guitar/Vocals)

Chuck was born and raised in a small mining community outside of a major midwestern city and has always had an interest in the surreal. He was born in a time when the beeper was the king of mobile communication and half of the world's CDs were being used by AOL. Having traveled the frozen reaches of the Middle West and seen the Old World, he has come to embrace a no-frills approach to music making. His relationship with music has not been an easy one: it was only after numerous unsuccessful forays into the world of song that he met the esteemed gentleman of the Fuzzbucket, and finally found his groove.

Joe Rosenfeld (Guitar)

Joe “Danger” Rosenfeld hails from the north suburbs of Chicago where he learned to sling six strings and drink cold beer. Growing up on a diet of Jimmy Buffett and Iron Maiden, Joe traded an oboe for an axe in 6th grade and never looked back. He also likes Legos, John Hughes movies, and cheeseburgers.

Ben Palmisano (Bass)

Ben “Jammin'” Palmisano was born in the Land of Mary in the year of the rooster. Born with man-sized hands on a baby’s body, Ben started slapping funk at the very tender age of 14. Realizing his path, he packed up his 4 strings and moved to Denver and got lost in the mountains for 6 years shredding slopes and training in high elevation. Ben came to Chicago to visit one time, stumbled into FuzzBucket, and hasn’t looked back since.

Teddy Thornhill (Drums)

Teddy Thornhill picked up the drums a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. He's a true lover of all things fast cars and slow babecue. He comes to Chicago by way of Maryland where he was raised on a healthy diet of both kinds of music. Teddy was taught from young age to hit hard and leave it all out there. You can often find him at a burger joint where everyone knows him or disrupting neighborhoods on his Harley. 

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